Listed below are a few tips to make your new body look its best and prevent failure due to cracking.

Please be aware.. all EclipseRC bodies are sealed with our special undercoating. This helps prevent scratching and makes the body semi-water/fuel resistant but extra precautions can be taken to get the most from your new body.

Tip #1: Apply "Shoe Goo" or "Clear Liquid Nails" to areas prone to scratching and high stress areas.

Tip #2: Apply "RainX" to the finish of the body to prevent mud from sticking.

Tip #3: Apply non abrasive automotive wax for extra shine and to prevent mud build-up.

Tip #4: A combination of "Drywall Tape" and "Shoe Goo" in high stress areas is the best way to prevent cracking.

Tip #5: Avoid submersing the body in water while cleaning. Use caution when cleaning the underside of the body.

Tip #6: Use a mild dish liquid and water for cleaning.

Tip #7: Never use Acetone or any other type of harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Tip #8: Do not use "Windex" to clean the body. This will cause "clouding" of the lexan.

Tip #9: Denatured Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol can be used to clean the finish of the body.

Tip #10: Always make the body mount holes at least 1mm (on road cars) or 2mm (Trucks and Buggies) larger than needed. This prevents the body from breaking due to chassis flex.

Tip #11: Apply heat resistant metal tape in the area where the exhaust pipe comes in contact with the body.

Tip #12: If you are running an MBX-5 - purchase the EclipseRC front body mount. This will prevent the nose of the body from breaking off.

* Shoe Goo, Clear Liquid Nails, Drywall Tape, and Denatured Alcohol can be purchased at your local hardware supply store.