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Welcome to the Custom Order page


Create Your Own Paint Scheme

Price may vary depending on the complexity of the scheme. A relatively simply scheme may cost less than the price below. Schemes using a lot of logos or letter may cost more than the price below.


Fill out the form below for a quote. Thank You.

Typical Pricing

( Includes clear shell )

1/18th-1/16th Cars/Trucks $89

1/10th Scale (Touring Car or Truck) $129

1/10th Scale Buggy $129

Short Course Trucks $169

1/8th Scale Buggy $139

Monster Truck $145

Truggy $139

 Typical Pricing

( If customer supplies clear shell )

1/18th-1/16th Cars/Trucks $75

1/10th Buggy and Truck: $99

1/8th Buggy and Truggy: $99 (Sale Price)

1/10th Short Course: $129

Typical Shipping Rates:

Micro Car/Truck to US: $11

Micro Car/Truck International: $22

1/10th and 1/8th Scale to US: $14

Monster Truck and Truggy US: $14

Short Course Truck to US: $19 (7 days)

1/10th and 1/8th Scale International:  $24

Monster Truck and Truggy  International: $27

Short Course Truck  International: N/A

All larger International: N/A


We are accepting a very limited number of new customers at this time.

Would you like a personalized quote? If so simply fill in the information below and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

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Please note that each body is painted to order. Expect a lead time of approximately 4 weeks before the item is shipped.

If the body is in stock it could be much sooner.

The estimated time of arrival will be discussed with your emailed quote.