Welcome to EclipseRC.Com

This business was started back in December 2003 with the introduction of various aluminum Mini-T parts and carbon fiber chassis's. We are located in Wheatfield, NY.


Custom painting has become the fastest growing area and shows no signs of slowing down.

All custom painted bodies are painted in Western New York and domestic brand bodies are used 95% of the time... same holds true with paints. We primarily use Proline bodies and Parma paints. All bodies are hand Painted/Airbrushed by Neil Zysk. Quality is our #1 concern. If you purchase a body and it does not meet your standards simply email us and we will "make things right". We stand behind our workmanship 100%.

Each body is trimmed, washed, liquid masked, drawn, cut, sprayed, then sealed. We use a high heat method to bond the paint to the lexan. The paint is then sealed with our famous sealer to insure long life. Each body takes approximately 8 hours to complete and are absolute "one of a kinds".

Our Sponsored Drivers Include:

Anthony Muscato (New York) 1/8th Buggy and 1/10th Truck

Dan Black (New York): 1/8th Scale Buggy and Truggy

Chuck Leone (New York): 1/8th Scale Buggy and Truggy

Andrew Garrison (Massachusetts): 1/16th Buggy and 1/10th MT

Bryan Kuntz (North Dakota): 1/8th scale buggy

Tim Fidanza (New York): 1/8th scale buggy


Congratulations to Anthony Muscato
...on his 5th place in the Stadium Truck A main at the Pro Series Finals in Alvarado Texas. The fact that his truck looked so good got him into the A Main and the ladies couldn't keep their hands off him after seeing his EclipseRC paint. Or.. maybe it was just his driving talent. Either way.. nice job!


We ship to the highlighted countries above.